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Date: 1/23/2023
Subject: Utah Chapter of NIGP January Newsletter
From: Utah Chapter of NIGP

I hope everyone has had a good start to the New Year. The Utah Chapter of NIGP is continuing to grow. As we look forward to new experiences and opportunities in 2023, the Utah NIGP chapter is committed to helping you with your professional development and procurement knowledge. Our next chapter meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 2, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. More information will be sent in February.

Buyer and Manager of the year nominations are now being accepted. Nominations are due by Wednesday, February 15, 2023. And winners will be announced at the March Chapter meeting. Nominations can be sent to VP Anthony Ferrara The application forms can be found on our site under the Member Resources section Mentoring and Awards. We are excited to announce that the Utah Chapter is going to provide a scholarship to both the Buyer and Manger of the year to cover the cost of registration to NIGP Forum being held in Louisville Kentucky, August 19-23 (the winners will be responsible for arranging and paying for the travel).

May we all have a wonderful 2023! I am excited to be serving as the President of NIGP and getting to know you better.


Hamer Reiser

Utah Chapter NIGP President


NIGP’s Pathways Program, which integrates competency-based learning with credentialing, had another powerful banner year in 2022 with the issuance of:
• 1,718 competency badges including new advance and management level learning modules
• 461 specializations including two new learnings: Job Order Contracting and Use of Federal Funds
• 430 core certificates
• 209 NIGP Certified Procurement Professional designations
• 100 NIGP Public Procurement Associate designations
Since August 2020, the NIGP Public Procurement Associate designation has been earned by 224 professionals and is an optional pathway (Pathway D) for candidates without post-high school formal education who are seeking their NIGP-CPP designation.
Through the November 2022 testing window, there are now 997 leaders who have earned their NIGP-CPP. Seventeen of those leaders practice public procurement in the Beehive State including five Utah professionals who earned their NIGP-CPP in 2022:
 Glorimar Buchei - West Jordan
 Brandon Ostrander - Salt Lake City
 Blake Porter - Bountiful
 Kimberly Richards - Lindon
 Woody Turnbeaugh - Eagle Mountain
If you are a mid to executive level leader who aspires to further your career in public procurement, there is no better time to fulfill your New Year’s resolution to earn your NIGP-CPP in 2023. As the job market tightens, your credentials boost your resume. The NIGP Certification Commission believes that professional certification is not a privilege of membership; therefore, all NIGP-CPP applicants pay the same application fee of $150 regardless of their membership status in any professional association. The Commission also believes in providing maximum opportunity to apply and test – offering six pathways available for eligibility based on formal education and work experience, providing four testing windows annually, and structuring the exam into two modules that can be scheduled at the convenience of the candidate.
As we enter a new year, the NIGP Certification Commission reminds professionals that there is a bridge for current CPPO and CPPB recipients who wish to earn their leadership credential as a NIGP-CPP; however, the bridge will only be offered through the May 2024 testing window. The bridge reduces both eligibility requirements (Pathway F) and exam requirements (successful achievement of exam Module B); thereby reducing exam fees and content scope.
Individuals who are currently pursuing their CPPO or CPPB from the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council as a gateway to the NIGP-CPP are encouraged to do so; with the understanding that the UPPCC credential must be earned during the May or October 2023 UPPCC testing windows before applying for the NIGP-CPP during the February and May 2024 testing windows.
Want to learn about the NIGP-CPP program value and structure? Join NIGP Chief Executive Rick Grimm and NIGP Certification Director Diane Daly for an upcoming webinar scheduled each month.
Want to learn about building an intentional learning path for your career? NIGP has designed a Pathways Concierge Program specifically to assist professionals in customizing their best pathways for learning and credentialing that align with their aspiration a career goals.
Make 2023 your year to make the biggest impact on the public procurement profession!

Happy New Year! If certification is one of your resolutions, here's some interesting research that may influence your decision and career plans. 
NIGP just released the 2022 Public Procurement Compensation & Retention Benchmark Study (Click here). This biennial report provides comparative compensation information to help industry leaders classify public procurement positions and determine appropriate salary ranges. The study is full of helpful information about the profession and I wanted you to be the first to have access to this valuable career resource.
In addition to collecting salary data about 17 key procurement positions, the survey of 2,500 public procurement professionals provides breakdowns for key variables that may affect how much an individual earns, including entity type, education, and certifications. The 17 positions represented in this report include 11 procurement positions; 4 positions related to stores, warehouses, and assets; and 2 support positions. 
Here are a few key findings:
Salaries are Rising
Agencies reported that salaries are rising. On average, between 2001 and 2022, all of the 17 surveyed positions showed a cumulative increase in salaries ranging from 19% to 78%.
Certification Pays
59% of individual respondents reported that they hold procurement-specific certifications. Managers and directors are more likely to be certified than others. Approximately 74%-78% of director respondents said they hold certifications, compared to 56%-67% of managers, 60% of senior buyers, 41% of buyers, and 57% of contract specialists.
According to the study, certification status can increase earning potential. For example, certified purchasing managers earn approximately $86,000, while those without certification earn approximately $75,000. The report dissects this even further by listing professional certification by position.
Education Makes a Difference
Education is a significant factor in career progression. Degrees are most common for managers and directors. 
As always, I'm here to offer assistance and guidance on your NIGP-CPP certification journey and hope you find these research findings to be useful. 

The views, opinions, and content included in this newsletter are provided as is and do not necessarily reflect the opinion, belief, endorsement, viewpoint, or sponsorship of any procurement unit. No representations are made that the content is error free.