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Trade Show

The Utah Chapter of NIGP welcomes you to our first ever No Show - Trade Show

Download this flyer for instructions on how to join!


Use the Ctrl F feature to find specific companies or keywords.

The purpose of this “No Show-Trade Show” is to:

1) Stay connected with our vendors
2) Learn more about the products and resources available
3) Evolve the online marketplace information available in a new and creative way.

Eco Daisy

Contact: Priscilla Johnson

Video about company

PDF of EcoDaisy Capability Statement

Keywords: Cleaning supplies and product, eco-friendly, air freshener, dish soap

AutoZone, Inc.

Contact: Government Solutions

Please click on the image for a PDF from AutoZone, Inc.


Keywords: Auto, car, vehicle

Contact: SavATree website

Please click on the image for a PDF from SavATree


Keywords: Tree service, tree and shrub care, lawn care services, maintenance pruning, insect treatments


Video about company

PDF of NationWideShelving Capability Statement

State of Utah contract: MA1231

Keywords: Pallet Rack, Mobile Shelving, Office Shelving, Security Cages, Mezzanine, and Modular Buildings

Labs USA

Contact: Labs USA website

Video about the company

PDF of Labs USA Capabilities Statement

Keywords: lab furniture systems, fume hoods, casework - painted metal, wood, stainless steel
Language Link

Contact: Language Link website

Video about the company

State of Utah contract: MA978

Keywords: language, translation, interpretation services

Momentum Recycling Services

Contact: Momentum Recycling website

Video about the company

PDF of Momentum Recycling Services overview

State of Utah contract: AV2597, MA3435

Keywords: recycling, mixed recycling, sustainability, glass recycling, food waste recycling, electronics recycling
BK Technologies

Contact: BK Technologies website

Please click on the image for a PDF from BK Technologies. 

State of Utah contract: AR1810

Keywords: portable radio, communication equipment


Contact: CIRCA3 website

Video about the company:State of Utah contract: AV2900

Keywords: video production, video editing, television commercials
Diversified Woodcrafts

Contact: Rocky Cox

Please click on the image for a PDF from Diversified Woodcrafts. 

Keywords: K12 furniture, educational spaces, hand sanitizer system, 
Wheeler Power Systems

Contact: Steve Thomas

Please click on the image for a PDF from Wheeler Power Systems.

State of Utah contract: PD2172

Keywords: power systems, generator, efficiency, service, solar, energy, Caterpillar, CAT
Gardner Energy

Contact: Gardner Energy website

Please click on the image for a PDF from Gardner Energy.

State of Utah contract: AV3164

Keywords: renewable energy, solar, alternative energy

Codale Electric Supply, Inc.

Contact: Codale Electric Supply website

Video about the company:

PDF of Codale Electric Supply, Inc.

State of Utah contract: MA3026

Keywords: State of Utah Contact, LED Lighting, LED Lamps, DataCom Lighting Controls, LED Retrofits, Solar, EV Charging Stations, Safety Communication Towers, Electrical, Lighting, Renewable Energy,
  Rocky Mountain Power Lighting Incentives