NIGP has chosen to align itself with the Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council (UPPCC) program of professional certification which is applicable to all public and/or governmental organizations and agencies. The program offers two designations, a Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO) and a Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB).

Certification is the process by which the public purchaser demonstrates a standard of competency for the benefit of the public. Certification reflects achievement of established professional standards and a competency for those engaged in governmental purchasing, and attests to the purchaser’s ability to obtain maximum value for the taxpayer's dollar. The trend in governmental purchasing is for mandatory certification of procurement professionals. This designation communicates to the taxpayer that the public employee who manages tax dollars has reached a specific level of education and experience and is knowledgeable about government purchasing.

The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) is recognized by the UPPCC as a provider of quality education for public procurement professionals. The UPPCC recommends the many NIGP textbooks as suggested reading for exam preparation. NIGP also offers intensive two and three day face to face courses aligned with many of the textbooks. Similar resources are also available:

Although NIGP coursework is not required to achieve certification, it is one opportunity to review and/or re-enforce an individual’s understanding of the Body of Knowledge.

The Utah Chapter offers to help organize study groups and with sufficient interest may sponsor a webinar for national classes designed to aid in the preparation for taking the required examinations. Contact the Education Chairperson listed under Officers. Text and review books are available for purchase through the NIGP Store / Publications

Continuing Education Hours

Attendance at our chapter meetings is able to be applied to your application for UPPCC certification or recertification.

To claim your attendance hours for a specific year please download the appropriate form below. Please note the form is completed on the honor system, but attendance rolls are kept if validation is sought by the UPPCC.

Current CPPO Members
  • Mark Blanch
  • Jared Gardner
  • Greg Maynard
  • Glenndon Mitchell
  • Brandon Thomas
  • Lori Peterson
  • Adrian Ruger
  • Jennifer Salts
Current CPPB Members
  • Tyler Barnes
  • Donna Beaupre
  • Mark Blanch
  • Julie L. Fisher
  • John Spencer Hall
  • LaDonna Haslem
  • R. Bryan Hemsley
  • Tonya Hodges
  • Connie Hood
  • Garret Johnston
  • Wendy Kemp
  • Paul Kikuchi
  • Jerilyn Midthun
  • Tracie Montano
  • Jeffrey Mottishaw
  • Abagail Patonai
  • Dean Pope
  • Kurt Prusse
  • Alyssha Roseman
  • Adrian Ruger
  • Jennifer Salts
  • Margarita Schiffman
  • Debbie Smith
  • Gary Spencer
  • Penni Taylor
  • Joan Tuttle
  • Brody Valerga
  • Vicki Vest Woodward